During each residency, guests will publish blog entries through which the interested public will be able to track their journey through the locations included in the project.

Ulysses's Shelter 1 (2018/2019) residents: Christos Armando Gezos, Greece, poetry; Lena Kallergi, Greece, poetry; Vasileia Oikonomou, Greece, poetry; Thanos Gogos, Greece, poetry; Lara Mitraković, Croatia, poetry; Jasmina Mujkić, Croatia, poetry; Goran Čolakhodžić, Croatia, poetry; Antej Jelenić, Croatia, poetry; Urška Kramberger, Slovenia, poetry; Denis Škofič, Slovenia, poetry; Aljaž Koprivnikar, Slovenia, poetry; Katja Gorečan, Slovenia, poetry.
Ulysses's Shelter 2 (2020/2022) residents: Maja Klarić, Croatia, poetry; Maja Ručević, Croatia, translation; Dino Pešut, Croatia, prose; Marija Andrijašević, Croatia; prose & poetry; Katja Grcić, Croatia, poetry; Josip Ivanović, Croatia, translation; Eluned Gramich, Wales, prose; Steven Hitchins, Wales, poetry; Lloyd Markham, Wales, prose; Elan Grug Muse, Wales, prose; Dylan Moore, Wales, prose & non-fiction travel writing; Morgan Owen, Wales, poetry; Maša Seničić, Serbia, poetry; Nataša Srdić, Serbia, translation; Danilo Lučić, Serbia, prose; Goran Stamenić, Serbia, prose; Katarina Mitrović, Serbia, poetry & prose; Vitomirka Trebovac, Serbia, poetry & prose; Dejan Koban, Slovenia, poetry; Davorin Lenko, Slovenia, prose; Katja Zakrajšek, Slovenia, translation; Tomo Podstenšek, Slovenia, prose, novel & short stories; Uroš Prah, Slovenia, poetry & translation; Ana Svetel, Slovenia, poetry & prose; Thomas Tsalapatis, Greece, prose; Marilena Papaioanou, Greece, prose; Dimitris Karakitsos, Greece, poetry; Filia Kanellopoulou, Greece, poetry; Nikolas Koutsodontis, Greece, poetry; Iakovos Anyfantakis, Greece, prose.
Ulysses's Shelter 3 (2022/2023) residents: Sven Popović, Croatia, prose, translation; Marina Gudelj, Croatia, prose; Tibor Hrs Pandur, Slovenia, poetry & translation; Ajda Bračič, Slovenia, pose; Sergej Harlamov, Slovenia, poetry; Tonia Tzirita Zacharatou, Greece, poetry; Marios Chatziprokopiou, Greece, poetry; Ivana Maksić, Serbia, poetry; Ognjen Aksentijević, Serbia, poetry & prose; Jake Butttigieg, Malta, poetry, prose & translation; Matthew Schembri, Malta, poetry, prose & translation; Jan Škrob, Czech Republic, poetry & translation; Marek Torčik, Czech Republic, poetry & prose; Esyllt Angharad Lewis, Wales, translation & prose; Ruqaya Izzidien, Wales, translation.


Lloyd Markham: Disljocation

I must confess when I applied to the Ulysses Shelter Program way back in 2019 one of the draws was a romantic idea of seclusion. That I might isolate myself, get away from “The World” for a couple of weeks, and finally be as creative and productive as I always vainly imagined I should be were it not for the constant harrying of my employer. 


Laptop perched on my knees. Morning rays refracting through the apartment window. Heat rising from a fresh tea filled ceramic mug. Relaxed and yet somehow still getting a whole bunch of work done (I feel this is a self-contradictory desire many creatives can relate to). 


Three years later, having actually done the residency, I realise now what a silly, pompous fantasy this was. 


For one thing I wasn’t getting away from “The World” (i.e. the tiny handful of locations in the UK that directly involve me). I was entering a new one. 


And there were lots of things I’d have to learn and adapt to during my stay.


Where do I get groceries? No. I mean cheaply.


Where do I get medicine? Really!? That much?


How do I safely cross the road? Oh. So this isn’t a zebra crossing? Just a regular crossing. Better dive out of the way of this car then.


And so on. A long list of things I instinctively know how to do back home were subtly different in Ljubljana. By the time I had adjusted my residency was nearly over.


I suppose that is the learned arrogance of the British1 Tourist. To see another persons country and deem it a wilderness you can just  “unwind” in. The Ghost of Colonial Chutzpah Past. Early on in my trip I nearly got flattened by a moped driving on the side-walk (they don’t do that back home). The mild heart-attack I suffered was an appropriately humbling punishment. Never make presumptions in someone else's country. Keep your eyes and ears open. Ask stupid questions. You’re at least 200% more stupid than you are back home.


Of course my head was halfway back home most of the time anyway. After all I had brought my tiny version of “The World” with me – via the internet.


And, truth be told – as evocative and inspiring as Ljubljana was – my most cherished memory of the residency involved a little electrical signal arriving invisibly, materialising from air, from “The World.” I was in the Museum of Contemporary Art admiring some photographs illustrating the historical squatting and reclamation of the nearby army barracks. A message came through from my partner. After nearly two years she’d finally landed a new job and would be able to leave her abusive and much reviled employer at the end of the month. 


I had a lovely time in Ljubljana and do not regret my stay. But I wanted so desperately to give her a hug in that triumphant moment. 


What is a hazy romanticised dream of creative isolation compared to witnessing a loved one banish a real living nightmare?


Here’s something I made from footage of a traffic light and some deer relaxing at Ljubljana Zoo.

1 Naturalised rather than by birth of course. I’m not authentically anything. Other than weird.





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