Ulysses' Shelter: building writers-in-residence network

organizes literary residences for young writers, translators and editors. The project will begin at the end of 2018 at three locations - in Ljubljana, Larissa and in Pomena on the island of Mljet, organized by Sandorf publishing house from Zagreb, in partnership with Slovenian Writers' Society (DSP) from Ljubljana and publishing house Thraka from Larissa. Each resident will spend three weeks on each location from December 2018 to October 2019, and the idea of the project is to gradually extend the network of partners to other European countries in the future and to bring together artists from around the world and expose the creative potential of various European locations.
Tovar.hr is the main means of informing about the Ulysses' Shelter project - about the residents, their work, and events within the project (readings, workshops, conferences and social events with residents).

Publishing house Thraka

'Thraka'' was founded in Larisa, in May of 2013 by a group of young writers following the 1st Panthessalian Poetry Festival, which was later established as an institution and an annual gathering of Thessalian poets and guests from all over Greece. The publishers of ''Thraka'' are Thanos Gogos (Magazine) and Stathis Intzes (Publishing). Around the time the first issue was released, "Thraka" launched the publishing house of the same name in response to the increasing literary output and the need for new writers to reach a wider public. Until now "Thraka" has published over 50 books, including poetry, short stories, translations and novels. Our goal is to select and publish works which meet our aesthetic and literary criteria.

In addition to its print issues,its publishing activity and the annual planning of the Panthessalian Festival, "Thraka" (www.thraka.com) runs a website which is daily updated and in most cases includes material different to the print version and frequently hosts presentations of books, magazines and writers in Larissa and the rest of Greece. These events often include various art forms, such as theatrical, musical and dance performances.

The publishers and the contributors of Thraca belong to the new literary generation of Greece.Many notable and award-winning new writers collaborate with Thraka. Finally, one of the mains goals of Thraka for the forseeable future is to facilitate  communication and interaction between young writers from all over the world, who are the future of literature.

A small private apartment located in the centre of Larissa serves as the residency for guests in Larissa, by courtesy of Thanos Gogos. During the summer the residents will also stay at the campus of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly.





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