During each residency, guests will publish blog entries through which the interested public will be able to track their journey through the locations included in the project.

Maja Klarić: Greece / Water (Grčka / Voda)

We are presenting the English translation of several selected poems from the upcoming poetry collection by Maja Klarić. Some of these poems (cycle entitled "Greece / Water") were written at the literary residency in Larissa in March 2020, where Maja was staying at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Coast Guard ships
Replaced the fishing boats
Because there’s no more room for everyone
You are not wanted here
Says the barbed wire
Go back or, better yet, disappear altogether 
Says a concrete wall
Creep into a hole and die
Says a virus designed to
Get hold of the old and the weak first
Then able-bodied men and women
And finally the children
So that the world can still die young
So that in can
In its own face
At the end



In Ulysses Shelter in Larissa*


The song of the sirens smashes the ships within you
The very last hope you will ever return
Then and now
Those are two different realities
Now and tomorrow
As distant as two objects
In weightlessness
Close to each other
And eternally separated
Everything that could have happened
If you had covered your ears and resisted
Fades and drowns
By your tiresome arrival
To shelter
Arrival on the shore with no boat
That you could use to depart anew
And continue your journey
You no longer know if the voices of the sirens
Lulled you to sleep or woke you up
If they caress you before
Or after it
They keep telling you that you have returned
That this was your goal from the beginning
But you are not quite sure
If you had arrived

Or simply gave up


*In a little house by the Aegean Sea, one of the locations of Ulysses' Shelter residency program.




Brodovi obalne straže

Zamijenili su ribarske brodice

Jer ovdje više nema mjesta za sve


Niste poželjni

Kaže bodljikava žica

Vratite se ili, još bolje, nestanite

Kaže betonski zid

Uvucite se u rupu i umrite

Kaže virus osmišljen tako da

Pogodi najprije starije i nemoćne

Zatim radno sposobne muškarce i žene

I naposljetku djecu

Da svijet još može umrijeti mlad

Da se može sebi samome

Na kraju






Pjev sirene razbija lađe u tebi
Posljednju nadu da ćeš se vratiti
Onda i sad
To su dvije stvarnosti
Sad i sutra
Udaljeni koliko i dva predmeta
U bestežinskom stanju
Nadomak jedno drugom
A vječno razdvojeni
Sve ono što je moglo biti
Da si pokrio uši i odupro se
Blijedi i utapa se
Tvojim umornim pristajanjem

na predah
Pristajanjem na obalu bez lađe
Kojom bi se mogao opet otisnuti
I jednog dana nastaviti put
Više ne znaš jesu li te glasovi sirena
Uspavali ili probudili
Miluju li te prije sna
Ili poslije njega
Govore ti da si se vratio
Da je to bio tvoj cilj
Ali ti nisi sasvim siguran
Jesi li stigao
Ili odustao



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