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The Mallorca Tourism Foundation is a 100% public, non-profit organization, integrated in the Consell de Mallorca (the Island's Council is the government body of Mallorca). Its purpose is to enhance the tourism promotion of the island in national and international markets, as well as to create tourism products, manage tourism services in general, and any activity that aims to promote tourism on the island. Among the main actions that the foundation carries out to materialize its mission are the organization and participation in national and international tourism promotional meetings; the external projection of the image of Mallorca as an audio-visual set and cinematographic tourist destination, through the Mallorca Film Commission; as well as the collaboration with the different tourist agents, public and private, for the coordination of promotion and consolidation of actions of the different tourist products.

The Mallorca Film Commission (MFC) is a department of the Mallorca Tourism Foundation. The MFC offers its services free of charge. It covers the entire territory of Mallorca and has as its main objectives: to facilitate the filming of audiovisual projects to professionals and companies; to stimulate and consolidate the Mallorcan audiovisual industry; and to facilitate the co-production and internationalization through attendance to markets, festivals and fairs.To meet these objectives and increase the impact of its actions, the MFC is part of the Spain Film Commission (SFC), the European Film Commission Network (EuFCN) and the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).



Sandorf - publishing house founded in 2008, engaged in Croatian literature and literature in translation, and in a wide range of books in humanities.


Center for Research and Promotion of Urban Culture (CIP) is a non-profit association that has existed for twenty years. Established in 1998, it operates in the areas of culture and art, urbanism, youth mobility and social dialogue.


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